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Traci L Wilkerson is a local Doctor of Audiology serving the greater Muskogee market. Dr. Wilkerson is dedicated to bringing the latest technologies and treatment to our community. Her commitment to better hearing is unparalleled and never ending. Schedule an appointment today and start hearing better tomorrow. 

Dr. Wilkerson and her staff are dedicated to providing an elite level of care to each patient. Dr. Wilkerson, a highly skilled audiologist, conducts comprehensive evaluations to determine the nature of a person’s hearing difficulties. For hearing loss that cannot be medically or surgically treated, she provides hearing aids, as well as, practical information on what to really expect from hearing technology. 

Dr. Wilkerson prides herself in assessing the specific needs of each individual patient and providing them with a customized treatment plan to best meet their needs. 

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Our focus is not on selling products, but rather on meeting the unique needs of each of our patients. By considering hearing loss, communication needs/goals, lifestyle and budget, we provide solutions to address your unique hearing difficulties.


  • Highly trained, compassionate and caring staff
  • Expert patient-centered hearing care
  • Full range of quality hearing aids, premium high tech to basic no frills

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